Video Clips from the Layout (Movies):



Movie 1

Jim Bence's   CAL ZEPHER

Movie 2

Mark Gilbreath  Super Chief

Movie 3

Cotton Belt FT and RSD-15

Movie 4

X MAS on the Prado 2008

Movie 5

Jims GS-4

Movie 6

Jims GS-4 (second clip)

Movie 7

Jims N de M FA's

Movie 8 (new) Ben's GE's
Movie 9 (new) Mark's FT's
Movie 10 (new) Mark's Rio Grande Cal Zephyr
Movie 11 (new) Jim's Amtrak P42's
Movie 12 (new) Aaron's F-3's
Movie 13 (new) Aaron's PA's
Movie 14 (new) Jims Mexican PA (N de M)


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