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We offer two different way to submit a Membership Application.  You can fill out the form online or you can download a Application for Membership and mail it in.


Application Information




(Responses below are limited to 255 characters)


How long have you been modeling or interested in N scale?


Are you a prototype railfan also? If so, Which railroad?


Have you ever or do you now belong to any other type of railroad organization?  (NMRA, N-TRAK, PCR, Historical Societies, etc.)


Do you model in scales other than N?  Which scales?

Are you interested or worked with DCC, in model railroading?
Are you able to participate in the construction and  maintenance of the layout?


Are you interested in being a Active Member or Member at Large?  Active Member at Large (being not in the area, but interested in participation.)


Please list any special skills and/or particular areas of interest?  What do you want to learn from the club? Or, how do you want to help out the club?

(electronics, scratch building, scenery, photography, etc.)


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