This is a how I installed a Z-Scale coupler on the tender of the new Bachmann 2-8-0.

 Step 1.  The first thing was to disconnect the tender from the engine and then using the Micro Trains height gauge, making a mark on the rear of the tender where I needed to cut. Next I removed the trucks and then used a drill bit to push the top of the tender out.

Step 2.  I next drilled out the bottom of the tender floor so that the coupler could be set at the proper height.

Step 3.  Using an x-acto knife clean up where you drilled into the floor.

Step 4.  You also have to cut up into the end of the tender to match where you removed the floor. This cut is where I marked with the height gauge.

Step 5.  Put the coupler in place and mark for the mounting screw, drill it out with a #61 bit and install the coupler. I added a stop at the rear of the coupler so that it does not move side to side.

Step 6.  Put the tender back together and check the coupler height. I have pulled 21 cars (MT small flange wheels) up a 2% grade with no problems. One of are members (Marty Young) also put a Z-Scale coupler on the front with good results, I am going to try that next and put pictures on here when I get a chance.

*** Just a note here, the detail, control and running abilities of this engine are excellent, Bachmann has a hit with this one.

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