This is a how to article on the Con Cor Auto Racks and how to lower them to the correct height and move the bolster centers to the correct spacing.


Step 1.  We start by removing the weights, this is done by inserting a small screwdriver or similar object through the bolster opening and tapping it out.


Step 2.  The bolters need to be moved in towards the center of the car about 2 scale feet. I did this by making a new bolster with the correct spacing and made a mould of it. (I had a few cars to do).

Step 3.  We then measure where we need to cut on the bottom of the car. The part that we cut out is smaller than the new part. By doing this you can just set the new part in and set it on the bottom, you will see how this works when we get into installing the new part.



Step 4.  I use a Dermal tool with a foot control and cut out the end of the floor


Step 5.  You then have to use a saw blade in a X-Acto handle to finish the cuts.

Step 6.  Remove the cut out part and file the sides flush, I also remove the stirrups and will make new ones out of brass wire.

Step 7.  You install the new part from the inside.


Step 8.  The new part fits down on the bottom of the car, make sure that it is level and glue it in place. We have lower the car the thickness of the bottom of the car.


Step 9.  This is how it looks with both ends done.

Step 10.  A body mount coupler (1023,1025) is installed. The Con Cor bolster is the correct height from the floor so there is no need for shims. You will have to cut an opening in the end of the car for the coupler.


Step 11.  Next add a piece of styrene under the coupler to complete the end of the car.

Step 12.  Because the trucks are moved up into the car we have to remove some plastic in four places in order for the trucks to turn. These cars go through a #6 switch with no problems, but do look better on wider radii.

Step 13.  The wire stirrups are added by drilling a #80 hole and AC-ing in place.


Step 14.  I weighted the cars with the stick on weights and then cover them with black silicone. I recommend at leased 1.5 ounces. The black silicone keeps the weights in place in case of heavy handling.


Step 15.  All that is left is to paint the new area, install trucks and couplers and enjoy.


Step 16.  Here is the finished car.


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