Athearn:  Big Boy and Challenger LokSound Micro Decoder Installation

The very first thing to do is making sure that it runs and has no other major problems. The tender shell removal begins with one of the three hatches on top of the tender. The one at the back hides a screw; simply pop it up. Pop up the tool box right behind the coal bunker. Then pop up the coal bunker and there is the other screw. Turn the tender over, there are two screws on either side of the coupler box remove them and pull the back of the tender off. Now the tender shell will come off by pulling up and back.


 Remove the screw in the middle of the circuit board and remove the decoder. Undo the plug from the board to the engine and remove. Remove the speaker and the speaker enclosure and the weight. Cut the middle post out in the tender, file any Sharpe edges. 



We will do track power on the right side first (engineer side). Clip the wire on the right side of the plug first. This wire has three wires from the tender pick up and one from the engine. Now all of the other wires connected to this wire should be separated and kept as long as possible. The wire from the front truck goes to the back pad, the wire on the middle pad goes to the back pad, and the wire from the engine goes to the front pad. The wire from the back pad goes to the decoder. The left side track power is done in the same manner. I did this to make it easier, now we only have one wire to connect to the decoder. Continue on with the orange and gray wires. Below is the color code for the plug, you are looking from back to front. You will need a resistor for the head light which is the white wire or the middle wire.  



Here is the LokSound decoder and the speakers.




You need to seal off all of the holes in the speaker enclosure. The quick and easy way is with silicone.




It is then onto the programming track for the custom files.





The End



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