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This is a super detailed plastic caboose, # 999162 by Mark Gilbreath behind one of his tankers.

Another Santa Fe prototype caboose with yellow coupla by Mark Gilbreath. He starts with a standard Atlas caboose. He adds brass wire grab irons, correct windows, antenna, microtrains ends and mounts Z scale couplers.


Another shot of the yellow Santa Fe caboose



Another shot of the yellow Santa Fe caboose



Another shot of the yellow Santa Fe caboose


 This is a Santa Fe prototype of a Black roofed Santa Fe caboose. All windows covered as required and correct windows on the cupola. All brass grab irons, the ends are micro trains add-ons and Z scale couplers. This one was done by member Mark Gilbreath


Another shot of the Black roofed   Santa Fe caboose.


                                                          Here is a shot of two Santa Fe cabooses, by one of the clubs stations.


This is a more modern style caboose
Here is Marks newest creation.....an EMD SD-60 DEMO with Richmond Controls and detailed to the max.
Front shot of the SD-60.
Here is a SD-35 1554 NW.....on lease to Santa Fe. 
Here's a caboose heading out of National City.
Here's a caboose going through High Pass.

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