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Pete is still gathering info on all to the buildings.
This is the sawmill.
Here is the incinerator and the sawmill.
This is a shot of the engine shop and the log pond in the front.  As Pete gets more scenery done we will update with more pictures.
This is where the finished lumber was stored.
This spur was for unloading heavy equipment.
NN3 Goose.
Water for the engines.
The log pond with logs going into the mill.
Log pond.
This one was built on a dare, you can't build NN2 1/2 and have it run.  Well here it is!!!!!!
Rio Grande Southern #20 is built on a Marklin chassis and is a Gold Rush Models kit.
Another Gold Rush Models kit on a Marklin chassis.
This is where the standard tank car would unload the fuel into the tanks on the hillside.


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