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Here is one of Pete Peter's projects.  Built by Pete,  owned by Jim.
This is Jims DRGW Challenger (2-6-6-2)
Here its heading towards Oceanside.
Heading away.
Here his Cab forward is passing a more modern set of auto racks. 
Here is a odd ball lease unit is going by.
Here the Mexican Railroad is waiting on a siding.  For permission to head south on the main line.
This is Jims S-2 switcher sitting on a siding, waiting for work.
Here are Jims Sharks heading towards Oceanside
This is Jims new or old ????  SD9 SP engine .
Nice top shot of the consist.
Here is an BN 636.
This is a brass tunnel motor.
Another brass tunnel motor.
This is one of Jim's many Scratch built Intermodal equipment
Another shot of his North Star box car.
This is Jim's super detailed SD-9.  I believe it a SP engine.

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