Progress on the Layout:

At El Centro!


Work in  EL CENTRO continues to progress..... with the final  PANEL installed.  This area will be fully operational soon!!!!!
Well, here it is.  A fully operational panel for El Centro.  Just needs Plexiglas.  But fully operational.....even the turntable!!!!
Here John P. is testing his new track work he installed for his industry........YES,  the track was still hand layed.  Even though it is totally covered.
This is the ice platform in El Centro. Much needed to keep the reefer loads cold.
This is the FULLY Functional turntable at the Engine Facility in El Centro.
We are working on the scenery around the pit.
Here we are installing concrete around the tracks.
This is the switching tower at the entrance to the yard.
El Centro yard is seeing allot of action today.
This is showing the El Cento Yard
Here is a good shot of the turntable and round house at the El Centro Engine Facility.

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Thursday, 08 September 2011


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