Progress on the Layout:

At Carrizo Gorge


Here, we are installing bridge supports.  Using foam as a starting point.
Of the five mountains on the layout.  This is the only one that needs a lift out.  We decided to use foam, to get a flat surface to make the lift out.
Here the mountain is taking shape.
Got the mountains in the back ground done.  Need to complete the lower parts.
Looking good.
This is a view looking in....from the public's eye.
Here you can see our lift out,  in its early stages in foam.
Nice shot heading into a tunnel heading to  High Pass.
Nice overall shot of Carrizo Gorge
Going this way your are heading towards Coyote Wells.
Here you can see the next tunnel portal heading towards High Pass.
Now we are looking out from our point of view.
Here just to the right,  is where John is experimenting with making the ground have texture.....Looks Great!
Nice shot of the three trestle bridges.
Just a little closer.

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