Progress on the Layout:

In Carrizo Gorge.


First thing to do in rescenicing the gorge. Is remove the mountains!
First, we have to upgrade the track work.  This section of track has been in place since the beginning.  And we have learned a few new technique's since then.
So........here we go.  First Jim and I ripped out all of the old track work,  right down to the sub roadbed.
Here Mark, is working installing new feeder wires
Here is one of the new trestle bridges built by Jim Ballantyne.  He built four for the canyon.
His other bridge.
His other bridge.
His other bridge.
We are now plastering in the mountains in the Gorge.
This is the leg going into Coyote Wells.
Here is one of eight,  of the tunnel portals.  The plaster work is really making the scene come alive.
Here is a shot from Coyote Wells.  Showing the mountains from afar.  Really starting to take shape.
This is a shot of the canyon from outside the exhibit,  from the viewers point
Here, Mark is making some cuts to the sub road bed, to make room for the foam platform.  To hold the bridge pilings in place.

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