Progress on the Layout:

On the Branch Line!


This is a picture of the what was bridge on the branch line.
Here we are laying the new track, using the old bridge as a sample for the new bridges curve.
This is after we installed the new bridge.
These are several different shots of the new branch line bridge.
Different shot
Different shot
Different shot
Once we started working on the branch line.  We discovered that the old switches were beyond repair.  So we ripped them up and started over. 
We only had to do it to a couple of them.
Here is a farmhouse on the hill.
This is the Depot at Bottineau
A look at Main Street.
Here's a shot of the lot just behind Main St.
This is a good shot of the town's hospital
Here's the new grain silo,  scratch build by member Norm Wright.
Just long shot showing the area
This is the town's loading dock,   scratch built by member Gilbert Valdez.
Here we are leaving Bottineau heading towards the wheat fields.

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