Progress on the Layout:

On the Branch Line!


Here is the relay panel for Coyote Wells and  the Branch Line.
This is where the Branch Line departs Coyote Wells and heads into the mountains.
The tracks are under Citrus Heights.  Over the years the original track was damaged beyond repair.  So I elected to remove it and replace it with Atlas code 55 rail.
This is where the tracks come out.  In the town of Jacumba.
When you leave there you go across this bridge and into the mountains again.
Coming out near Campo Creek, next to a quarry. 
And for a short distance.  Then back into the mountains
Here is where you come out.  Finally out of the mountains, the crew of the trains gasps with relief.  They can breath again.
Then you travel down the front. 
Going over some short trestle bridges.
Here are several buildings by Norm Wright.  The branch is coming along nicely.
This is a pond along the way.
This is the last turn heading into Antler
This is the future site of Antler.  We are already in the process of installing the wye for the Steam Engines to turn around and head back down to Coyote Wells.
This is the first freight arriving in Antler.  Finally get to see something move on the branch line.

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