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Here is a over all view of Oceanside
A close up of Oceanside's siding.
This is the siding at High Pass.
Here are a couple of shots of the National City Yard
National City Yard.
Here the yard is earning it's keep.
Here a GP40X is getting ready to pull out on the mainline heading East.
This is the main line heading towards Plaster City.
Here a Amtrak is heading into Citrus Heights, then on to High Pass.
Here a Santa Fe freight is on its way from National City Yard towards Dulzura.
This is the Wye heading in towards Yuma and El Centro from Oceanside.
This is a typical set up for an day at the club.  Here, the Yuma yard is full and waiting for the green light from the  dispatch. 
  Here's a shot of the cars in the consists.

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