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No matter where you look,  there is advertising. With some new scenery. 
This is a shot of a truck leaving Citrus Heights heading towards the market.
This Myjack was assembled and detailed by Norm Wright.
Close up shot of the operator in action.
Another angle showing some very nice details.
Here's a picture of Oceanside's Sunkist Plant.
Here a set of RDC's are picking up passengers at Campo.
This is a normal stopping point for some of the trains in Curtis Heights for coffee.
This is a building in Campo
Here a mixed freight is pulling into Citrus Heights.
This is a flower facility in Ocean Side.
This is an old warehouse.
These are on the wye in Dulzura. 
There is the oil refinery at the harbor.
Here's a  nice picture of a Naval Ship in port for liberty.

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