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Carlsbad beach with the main line bridge in the background.
Oil Depot at San Diego Harbor.
Lots of business going on at the Oil Depot today
Oil Depot keeping busy.

Oil Depot

Looking east up the main line into Delzura.  This is a helper turn around with the Y on the left.
Here is one for the kids,  the famous shark in the pool.  Quite the attraction!
An old shed somewhere near Citrus Heights.
This is the warehouse next to the main line in Citrus Heights.
This is the clubs first Naval War Ship.  It was donated to the club by Ross Robeson from Las Vegas.  It was scratch built from wood and lead detail parts.  More on the name of the ship. It is currently sitting in San Diego Harbor.  Very nice model!!!! Thanks Ross.
Here is a boxcar tucked away on a siding somewhere in Citrus Heights.
This is a old shack looking over the Oceanside tracks.
Business as usual at this oil refinery......again in Citrus Heights.  Sure is allot of things going on there.
Another shot of the same boxcar from above. 

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