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These are the current SDSoNS club standards for track laying and maintenance. They refer to code 40 hand laid track and turnouts for N scale. The techniques described may be applicable to other scales such as HOn3 directly, and to other scales in general. There are also Code 40 turnout templates available at this site.  With a bill of ties and instructions for hand laid turnouts.

San Diego Society Of N Scale

dot [ track layout ] dot [ roadbed ] dot [ track ] dot [ ties ] dot
dot [
tie laying ] dot [ soldering ] dot [ feeder wires ] dot
dot [
turnouts ] dot [ track maintenance ] dot

    Track shall conform to NMRA standards for construction unless specifically stated herein. All track and turnouts shall be installed using the current version of the NMRA N scale gage.

 Track Layout:




Tie Laying:


        Soldering of rails and for turnout construction shall be as follows:

Feeder Wires:


Track Maintenance:

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