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Into the Carrizo Gorge 12/6/2003

by Chris Guenzler

 Now take a trip to the Goat Creek Trestle in the Carrizo Gorge.

Furthest point that I had ridden on the Beyond Jacumba Trip.

The Carrizo Gorge starts just over this ridge.

We are almost to the ridge.

Entering Tunnel 5 and the Carrizo Gorge beyond.

The Carrizo Gorge starts.

A trestle we will cross in a few minutes.

A closer view of the trestle as the Carrizo gorge deepens.

Walker Canyon joins the Carrizo Gorge from the west.

One very impressive natural location on God's great earth.

The Carrizo gorge is so unspoiled by man!

Does it ever get any better than this?

Riding on the edge!

A beautiful day in a beautiful place on Earth.

A speeder followed our train all the way to Tunnel 16.

"God's Country!"

"Words just can't describe!"

What would this look like in a flash flood?

The remains of a construction camp.

The remains of an empty Coors Beer boxcar from a derailment in 1953.

Aren't those streaks in these rocks unique.

From the bottom to the top, it's all spectacular!

Great Shot

Rails along a ledge.

Looking back from where we came from.

From the top all the way to the bottom.

The Carrizo Gorge is getting deeper and deeper.

Tunnels were the only choice to get this route through.

Another view looking back.

Love those rocks!

Love those rocks to the power of ten.

From the wash all the way to the sky.

Once by former Tunnel 15, we traveled through Tunnel 15A to the Goat Creek Trestle.

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